Learning your way around the world

Studying abroad in Florence is one of the most amazing experiences. However, being new to Florence there are many things we have questions about. We don’t know where to eat, where to shop and what to see. More than that, as I travel around the world to places where I don’t speak the language I tend to feel even more lost. To help me along I have been using the site tripadvisor.com. This website helps you with everything while traveling anywhere such as hotels, restaurants, museums and more. Also, it gives you user recommendations and critiques about virtually everything!

Under the restaurant “Gusta Pizza” in Florence, it tells you the price range, type of food, what type of people it is good for, when it is open and more! One user critique was “BEST PIZZA IN ITALY! I have been to Pisa, Rome, Bolzano, and Florence Italy and this is pizza at its best! The house wine was great, although I would have prefered drinking out of a glass than a plastic cup. The price is fantastic and the service was very fast and friendly.”

This website is an amazing resource to learn about local places and find anything in any place around the world!