Helping others see the world!

Traveling is one of my greatest passions in life, and one that I feel very privileged to be able to do. Not everyone is able to see the world and experience the amazing cultures that the world has to offer. Therefore, there are two organizations that have different yet connected goals. One organization helps children travel that otherwise would not get a change, while another allows people to travel and help the local people in the places that they go.

One of the most well known organizations is the Make a Wish Foundation. This foundation grants wishes to ill children and changes their lives. Many wishes include small things like going to a baseball game or meeting a famous person, but others include traveling the world. It is amazing to go to the foundations website and read the stories of children who were able to go to their dream destinations thanks to make-a-wish. Children have traveled all over the world, to places like Paris, Australia and even Disney World.

Another company is Projects Abroad. This organization helps people go to a different country and help others in different countries. You have options to build houses, serve food or simply volunteer. Putting the time and effort into helping others far away from you is an amazing and rewarding experience that everyone who likes to travel should have.

Although these two programs have different ways of helping others, they both allow “ordinary” people to make a difference. Anyone who gets to travel is so fortunate and it is only right that we help others as well.

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