Disadvantages to studying abroad?

There is a blog entitled “Maria Abroad: Experience the adventure of living abroad.” After reading the name of the blog, you would believe that it would have positive experiences and words of encouragement for people both traveling and living abroad. Therefore, I was surprised when I came across a post entitled “Disadvantages of studying abroad.

I understand that on most topics in life, it is good to look at the pros and cons of any situation. However, this article lists all of the reasons studying abroad is bad and scary, and only has a sentence of encouragement towards the end.

Studying and living abroad is an amazing experience that broadens someones expectations of cultures, people and life. Although the experience is definitely not for everyone, the overwhelming negative tone of this article could certainly push people away from this experience. If the author of this blog wanted to point out the trials and tribulations that someone would feel while abroad, I believe that she should have at least shown a list of positive qualities as well.


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