Intellectual Property

Being from a family in which photos are everything, (and I mean everything), the question of intellectual property has always been one of importance. Whether my family has used pictures to document trips, events or just art, there is no doubting that sharing out photos has always been a “no-brainer.” Whether we post our pictures to facebook, personal websites or photo sharing sites, we always put our work out to the public. This brings on an important question, that of intellectual property. Just because our work is on the web, does that give anyone the right to use and tamper with it? 

This question came up in an extremely publicized case involving the President of the United States. As you can read in this article, Shepard Fairey was an artist who used another persons work to create the now famous red and blue “hope” image of President Obama. Is this fair? Can a person change another persons work to create something new? And Profit from it? 

I don’t think this should be allowed. Each artists work is personal, and therefore, people should not have the right to tamper with someones work. I believe this issue goes further than photography and art though. With the use of the internet being so frequent, it is so easy to access and change the work of others. More laws regarding intellectual property need to be implemented in order to protect any work that is put on the internet. 

What do you think? Should there be more laws regarding intellectual property? Is it fair for people to change the work of others? 

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